Aerospace Team

Meet The Aerospace Team 

Granger High School West Valley City Utah

Mr. Lewis and the Aerospace Team are building an experimental aircraft, a Velocity SUV. This project was created to generate interest in Aviation and all the fields it encompasses from air frame and power plant to pilot programs. 100% of the project is funded by Mr. Lewis and donations or discounts from organizations and companies. The Project started in January 2006.
Without our sponsors this project would never have been possible.
Promise to Sponsors: The logos of all sponsors will be placed on the aircraft to thank them for their support. The names of all the students that participated in the project will be on the plane also. 


Aerospace Team News Coverage.

Several articles have been written about the Aerospace Team in local news papers, Deseret News and West Valley Journal. Stories about this project have also aired on all the major news stations in the valley.

Links to the articles and the EAA website.


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Salt Lake Tribune 

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In 2007 Mr. Lewis was awarded the Utah Aerospace Teacher Of The Year from the Utah Air Force Association.


Aircraft Design

The Aircraft: Velocity SUV A Composite Experimental State Of The Art Home Build Aircraft.  Aircraft specs and information can be viewed at this web site.                                


A 4 passenger aircraft that travels at 200 knots climbs 1,500 ft min., ceiling of 20,000ft, and economical as 7.4 gph.

The composite aircraft is a combination of foam covered in fiberglass cloth, adhesive and epoxies.  These materials are the cutting edge of aircraft construction. 

The Velocity SUV came as a Fast Build Kit. This means that the wings, canard and fuselage were Built at the factory. This was the best option for this project. It allows us to complete the aircraft in the shortest amount of time.

 View the construction of the aircraft by selecting from the menu in the navigation bar.  

The fast build kit was assembled by the Granger Aerospace Team at Salt Lake Community College. You can think of this kit like a puzzle but with one more level of construction. You do not simply put the puzzle pieces together. You must first build each puzzle piece then put the pieces together. Every piece was built separately and assembled later. The sandwich construction includes placing layers of fiberglass and epoxy on both sides of foam. The piece is then cut and sanded to shape, and finally attached to its' correct location. Fuel tanks are even created by this method. Hard points, nut plates, bushings, etc. are all part of the process. Construction work is, sticky, smelly and itchy.

The Velocity Is a Canard Pusher. This means the tail, is in the front and the engine is in the back. This is a variation of the Rutan design for the LongEze. Rutan also designed the Voyager, the first aircraft to fly around the earth non-stop, and the Space Ship One, the first conventional powered aircraft to get to space. Captive Carry With Starship




The composite materials are stronger, lighter and last longer than conventional aluminum construction. This composite construction is now being used on military fighter aircraft. The aircraft is named the Excalibur which goes along with our schools mascot the Lancer. This will be a show plane when it is completed and will put up for sale after its' completion where if sold some profits will be used for another project or class equipment.

The Excalibur

This is the Excalibur

It is the only  Velocity of it's kind. This is a  SUV with XL wings and canard.  The paint is white with Inferno Red. The logos of  the sponsors  and names of the students that built the plane are part of the graphic design. Avionics include two MLG Stratomaster Enigmas with GPS, 3D Terrain, Highway In The Sky, Moving Map, and all engine instrumentation. Radios include a Narco 150 and the ICOM 200A with RTS Audio panel and DVD.

The interior is 1/2 closed cell foam for sound proofing covered in grey and black upholstery and dark red carpet. All seats are mounted on adjustable rails.  The center console is aluminum plate and includes the master panel switches, speed break and trim. Two lower passenger windows  were added for class.

The wheel skirts, pants, were modified with an air scoop and exhaust to cool the breaks on landing.

On May 24th the Aerospace Party was held at Airport #2 in SLC. The USAF Color guard presented the colors. Emma Ware from Granger High School sang the National Anthem. The Granger High Excalibur's preformed and a rock band from Granger played.

Lt Col Debra North of Hill AFB presented the Utah Air Force


Teacher Of The Year award to Mr. Lewis. The EAA Young Eagle Rally

was held and they stayed till everyone that registered got a flight.  

Media included 2News, Fox News, Deseret

News, Salt Lake Tribune, West Valley Journal and Church News.